Becoming Who You Are

by Hattie Lankford


“The reason why a lot of people won’t become who they want is they’re too attached to who they’ve been… I had hit my version of rock bottom. So I was willing to let go of everything and everybody.” –Unknown

Sometimes it takes the scraping out of your insides.

Sometimes it takes feeling the bones of your identity crumble.

Sometimes it takes a near spiritual death.

To become.

I’ve suffered. I’ve sacrificed. I’ve triumphed. I’ve overcome.

The word of the year: Endure.

Hold your nerve. Overcome the agony. Dissemble the pieces in your reflection that no longer fit the puzzle of Who. You. Are.

And emerge anew.

Because the thing about becoming that nobody tells you?

It takes unbecoming everything you ever were. It takes unraveling your idea of self and finding your true self.

Not the idea of you someone else perceives. We are all a little fractured, some more than others, some less. What nobody is though, is “more” broken than anybody else. Someone saying I was more broken than they are did not even chink my armor. Didn’t even make me blink.

Don’t be the hurt person that hurts people.

Be the hurt person that fills their cracks with gold, pushes up through the concrete fissures towards the sun, and emerges one piece closer to peace.

You will make mistakes along the way. Release the expectation to be perfect.