Lessons From The Hummingbird Who Lost Her Way

by Stacy Bush


You flew into the unknown, seeking comfort, warmth, and safety. Seeking what you thought was familiar and right for you. You got lost, frantic, and scared, trying to find a way back home where you belonged. Flying deeper into a place that was not meant for you, not part of your truth. You tried so hard to survive but you could not sustain in a place that was not for you.

Sometimes when we are seeking our own truths we get lost in what we think is for us, but it’s not. It will create conflict, resistance and fear, and we will fight to sustain what we think we know about ourselves.

As I mourn your loss, I realize I am the only one who will be crying for you today.

I see how our own losses are much the same, as we seek our truth. We will grieve our past, who we were, who we thought we were, things that have happened and things that were never birthed. We will be the only ones who shed tears for our grievances. Allow this, and soften.

All she had to do was fly back into the darkness, into the vast wilderness where the sky is limitless and the earth provides.

Please do not get so lost in seeking past familiarities and comfort that you can’t find your way out, sometimes it’s through the dark that we find the light. Remember when it’s dark to breathe and relax, your eyes (yourself) will readjust and you will find your way once more.