Three Years of The Studio

by Loren Boyd


On August 5th, we’re celebrating three years at The Studio. Three years of community, connection, movement, deeper breaths, and a lot of laughs. We’re celebrating courage, vulnerability, showing up, and the willingness to embrace change. We’re celebrating three years of perseverance, resilience, and joy. Because yoga is joy. Yoga is freedom. The freedom to live in our bodies without judgment, with compassion, and with presence… means we get to live in the world without judgment, with compassion, and with presence. What a gift.

Here’s to three years of showing up for ourselves and each other to stay committed to our goals and dreams, in wellness and in life. The relationships I’ve seen flourish and the growth I’ve witnessed in this space make my heart swell. My passion for this practice and for giving back the gift that has changed by life for the better continues to grow and evolve over time. I look forward to continuing to share space with all of you in the coming years.

Fort Worth, I see y’all. Thank you for being on this journey with me and for staying committed to yourself and living your best life!

I hope to see you at The Studio’s THREE year anniversary party on Saturday, August 5th, 5-7pm! Mark your calendar! Bring a friend and stop by for food, drinks, music, shopping and fun! We’re even having a membership raffle this year. You could win a full year of unlimited yoga! Tickets will be sold at the party for just $10.

Join me in making this city more mindful, more aware, and more full of joyful people living their best lives. See you at the party and on the mat!