Yoga in the Post-Pandemic World

by Loren Boyd


So, we’ve been in a pandemic.

And as you all know, it’s still not over. We are all still experiencing uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and let’s be honest… exhaustion. Plain and simple.

Our nervous systems have experienced a huge bout of trauma trying to navigate the past 18+ months of this worldwide situation. No wonder it feels so good to land on your mat to move and breathe and be in the moment.

We need yoga now, more than ever, that’s obvious. But how much? And what kind? And why practice in a studio? The simple answer to that is the community factor and the feeling of support and challenge you get from being led through a class in real time. The human connection. We need that. The stretch. The calm. The strength. We especially need to be reminded of our strength, and that’s easy through the physical practice of vinyasa yoga.

As I’ve watched us all come back to this practice we each so dearly love, I’ve noticed that we’re all trying to find a new groove with it (myself included). Our movement practices look different in this post-pandemic world. And that’s okay. Embrace the more restorative elements of the practice. Lean into the strength when you can, but don’t pressure yourself. You’ve been through so much in the recent past, and you are not alone.

Be compassionate and loving to your body and mind as you navigate this new “normal.” Our nervous systems were already on overdrive before the pandemic, now pile on the stress of a worldwide scenario driven by information from the media that changes every five minutes? Talk about a recipe for total depletion.

Let your yoga practice be a sanctuary to rest in. Let your mat be a place you want to go to surrender to what is. A place to let go of all your expectations of what your body can do and find relief in simply experiencing your breath + your aliveness. Let yourself be held and supported by everyone in the room during class. 

Thank you for being here. I look forward to seeing you soon!